I won the... Namaste Zuma Bag

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okay so today started out like any other. I slept in. Woke up when Vincent was fussing. Than I went and check my email and I found out I won this:

a Namaste Zuma bag and I was able to have the one in the limited edition eggplant color. Isn't she beautiful?? I can not wait till she comes next week. she is gorgeous. I love her already. now I just need to get the three mesh bags which snap into it. A big thanks to Hip Mountain Mama for the Zuma. You should also check out her blog. It is good.

So Saturday has been a good day. I just wish the post went faster. sigh
next week I am going to spend 24 hours camped outside of the local chic fil a thats going to be opening in Bakersfield. They are going to be giving away 52 gift certificates to the first 100 people in line. Free food for year. I know I wont use it all and will be happy to take my friends out to lunch. But I am going to be there at 4am on wednesday morning just to make sure I am the first person in line gosh darnit. My husband was like heck yeah. So my dad is going to be down there with me also so we can trade off when one of us gets to cold or whatnot. should be fun. I just hope its not raining.

Extreme Spinning(clicky)is having a contest to win a skein of custom made just for you yarn. If you received a phat fiber box in february and you received her coupon you can get some extra wool if you win also . so here is the picture of my hand felted beads. I made seven of them out of malabrigo roving. here they are so heres to keeping my fingers crossed because I need some nice custom yarn to go in my new knitting bag.

also these scissor fobs are for sale now: the are five dollars each plus two dollars for shipping. if interested just message me and I can send you an invoice via paypal

this is what i did most of the day

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so this is what i did all day from not being able to go anywhere because my car is in the shop. ao was at home with baby boy v and did this in between nap times and playing. not bad so all of these stitch markers are for sale except for the one that only has four in it and is gold and green the ones that are on the blue background are for sale also. I have some of them posted to my etsy store but if they arent and you are interested just message or email me oh and the pictures of the stitch markers that are on the yarn is from my phat fiber sampled box. its one of the items i traded darcy knotty knitter for.pretty huh? and it also is a good backdrop for stitchmarkers.:-)

ok so my car is fixed ill be able to get it tomorrow. cheapest repair ever I was thinking it was going to cost us alot of money but it was not a major repair. my ignition wire came undone from the starter and thats why it didnt start cost me all of 40 bucks thank goodness we just put and alternator in it and I was going to be so sad if it was expensieve alternator was 400 bucks and we still have to pay that off too sigh. too much stuff. got to pay car insurance tomorrow as well. hey im going to be selling my sony dcr-trv250 video camera as well for 150 bucks it is older but i bought it new from best buy when I worked there and it still works great i have about seven hours of use on it total i think . i even have three new tapes to throw in with it. so if you know neone who wants a video camera. its in good shape. well got to go ttyl.

just thought i would warn everybody this is a very picture intensive blog post.
okay so once upon a time before I started knitting I made and designed my own jewelry and made patterns from books as well. so here is some of my work from back in the day

this an amethyst bracelet I made.
It has a sterling silver star toggle
and is leather backed. The amethyst
is looped through a delica band made
by using peyote stitch.

this is a loom made celtic stitch bracelet. I still need to add the leather backing and a toggle. It is made with purple, opalescent white and black seed beads.

this is my peyote tube stitch bracelet. the bracelet has four peyote tubes and swarovski crystals, and bead caps and other findings

this is my malachite jumble bracelet. I designed
myself. so copyright and all that don't copy. I used
miyuki delicas mix and malachite chips with a sterling
silver toggle

these are some earrings my dad made for me. I love them. talent runs in the family for doing this stuff

and now for some yarn pr0n MMMMMMMMMalabrigo which is currently at sale at abcs of creative pursuits in bakersfield and it is yummy. I bought a skein of the velvet grape yummm it is currently working on becoming a hat.

bulky weight

worsted weight

more worsted weight yummm

and look at the yummy malabrigo sock yarn. this yarn is a pleasure to knit with. could you just imagine wearing the mmmm on your feet. might be akin to bliss. maybe.

ok so thats enough of the yarn prOn now onto some more pictures. well im kind if tired so im going to go to bed i will make another post later on today

good day today

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had a nice relaxing day. my husband had a half day so he was home most of the day which was nice. got my swap package today from abcs for the swap. i love everything. especially the pink aurora 8 nice pink yummy. i found a pattern for a cowl with buttons i want to make. im not going to start it yet until i get some of my projects off the needles. i am stuck as far as my clapotis goes. the file where i was checking off my progress is on my other computer.my husband has to fix my computer. the power supply started overheating and was making it not work right. im glad i caught it when i did it really could hav fried my computer. than i would be sad. so now im on my laptop. im not used to typeing on this keyboard, makes my wrist hurt. so instead of working on my clap im working on an inside out scarf made out of noro and one of the project linus squares for karen at abcs so i will be done with my first project linus square tomorrow. than i will start square number two and watch a movie or something on tv after vincent goes to bed so i can not concentrate on the knitting because sometimes it does get tedious but i like to do it. in between i guess i can always work on my scarf a little bit.

todays weather was great i loved all the wind and rain. tonight is significantly quiter than last night was. winds were whipping pretty good. well i am going to go read a little than go to sleep. siigh another day *yawn*

traveling moleskine

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has anyone ever heard of the traveling moleskine project? clicky
I think it would be fun to do one for knitters. what would happen is that I would mail the book off to my first recipient. you would get three pages that you could put anything you want on it about knitting or crocheting or the fiber arts and are welcome to draw anything if you are graphically inclined. you can tape pieces of your favorite yarns short patterns etc. whatever you wish. I would like at least 8 people to start this project off with. so if anyone is interested send me your addresses via email vbarton24 at gmail dot com I really think this would be a fun way to connect all of us knitters some more. it would be great fun. so let me know peeps

heres some guidelines:

the conditions
the moleskine is only in your possesion for 2 weeks.
all entry's must have a date, name and place of entry
each person can use a maximum of 3 pages (you don't have to use all 3 pages.)
you can write, sketch, paint or glue anything into the moleskine but there should be no explicit content, this is a family friendly project.
please photograph your entry so i can post it to a flickr so everyone can see whats in their as it travels around before i get it back..
authors must give the rights to any work within the moleskine to the owner of the moleskine and any other contributor for there own use.
all forward postage is paid for by each sender.
all addresses and personal info will be treated with the up most respect.

how do i know where to send it next?
obvious question, simple answer,
i will keep a list of addresses of all the participants and each time the moleskine is sent on i will email the person its going to with the next address it should go to.
all you have to do is read the email, send the moleskine to the address i sent to you, then email me to say its been sent and i then know its time to send another address out.

kitty grllz is having a giveaway via phat fiber for 25.00 the yarn she sells looks so awesome i want the andromeda 2. i love it. yumm so go here clicky and enter for your chance to win.

winner of the contest

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the winner of the contest is Darcy yeah Darcy. I will get your package in the post by the end of the week. congratulations!!!!!!!!!

good times

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last week I had a really good week. I went up to the casino by my brothers house in Jackson California. it is on an Indian res. So I was down to my last five dollars and I won 470.00 way cool!!! I was happy. Also on the way there was a cheese factory. I got to sample yummy cheeses.
this is the view from the front. I think it was in Travers Ca.

and here is a picture of all the cheeses made there that they sell. num yummy.
and here is a picture of the cheese after its been washed. I love cheese
so all in all it was a fun trip with a great buffet at the casino.

here is some nice shots of our cloudy skies over the last couple of days
this was taken in the southwest off of wible

these were taken at the panorama bluffs

this is my best friend lindsy and holding our kids b and v

and he is all of us from my friends going away party last night. shes moving to alaska and she is either leaving tomorrow or tuesday. :-(

we all had a good time. this was after several buttery nipples. lol and what are buttery nipples you might ask irish creme and butterscotch schnapps. yum

oh and here is a video that I took while up at my brothers. he races these cars there pretty cool and cost anywhere from 2500 to 3500 dollars. expensive hobby.

also tonight at midnight I will be using the random number generator and choosing a winner for the contest. yeah!!!!!!!! good luck everyone.
also this gal has and awesome web page and she has good rates if you want buttons for your blog or a complete redesign. its nice also this nice gal is hosting a contest for a complete redesign of your blog by the gal listed above. be sure to tell her vbarton24 sent you over.

well got to run flight of the conchords is on

off to the...

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casino today. going up with my dad to jackson ca and to play my twenty dollars on some nickle slots. my dad won over 1000 bucks last time maybe ill get lucky too. so super shiny. a minvay with some slots. and ill get to see my nephews also. so my brother got a bill today for the car that was stolen saying it was impounded for ten days and was towed. thats such crap because I found it the day afterit was stolen. bs totally. oh and the fine 1500 dollars for the impound not counting towing fees. how can a car be in impound for ten days when I found it the day after it was stolen total crap i tell you. stupid law enforcement.

Watchmen Widget

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