wow and some contests

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four followers i have four followers. i never thought I would have one. I'm so giddy(doing the happy snoopy dance) lol ok hip mountain momma is giving away a namaste's newest bag the zuma i like it so if you want a chance to win it go here and do the normal routine an email and a blog post. you have till friday so far im the third person who has entered turtle and darcy are ahead of me. man we are some contest fools aren't we ladies. I am always going for the contest lol. i guess when your a stay at home mom you have to do something when the baby is sleeping and the dishes are done. lol oh this is what i am making now actually as soon as i am done with this post I am going to be casting on. this is the first time that I am going to be doing a project with grafting so I hope I dont mess it up too badly. here is a pic of the yarn im using:

the yarn is from artsygal(clicky) and its 100% 3 ply merinowool superwash 480 yards. it is absolutely lusciuous and you should go check out her webpage sometime. wonderful yarn!!!:-) It makes me think of valentines day.:-)

so yesterday my little man gave gave me a demonstration to pass onto everyone on what acrylic yarn should be used for:

whimsical creations (clicky) is giving away a love fairy and a cherry blossom pendant. they are both so cute. go check out how to win. I would really like to have either prize they are both adorable. here is her blog also so you can get all the information to enter.

totally cute. and finally some more vincent cuteness

this is from his 1st birthday party last month.:-) he had a good time and got more presents for his first birthday put together than all the presents i got for my birthdays when i was a kid. can we say hi im slightly spoiled. lol thats okay as he grows up I will have lots of toys to donate to people who need them.

purtys clicky clicky

today has been a good day. woke up and found out that i won one of the scavenger hunt drawings at this is what i won

they are from ameesadornments
they are so beautiful arent they???? I cant wait to wear them.
okay so i finished my dads dead fish hat. it came out totally cute and he loves it. so now he has a hat to fish in lol.
here are some pictures:

isnt it great he was so happy and my mom told me that he can never wear it around her. i was mad when she told me that and was like gee i just wasted a day knitting this for him. grr she was just kidding though:-) she called me and told me she liked it

isnt it cute. I love it. my dad was happy too. here is the pattern here now i have to make one for my husband. there fun though. i dont mind. okay and one more bit of business and than i got ot go do laundry. I need to go mail my hat for the great hat race and im working on my products for phat fiber. little man is sleeping. thank goodness. I always emjoy a little bit of quiet time. I figure he will be up soon ; so I need to hurry.

my handmade registry is having their launch week extravaganza this week. lots of prize giveaways, scavenger hunts and you can make your wish list of handmade products you want so everyone will know what to get you for Christmas birthday and just because. check it out here.

well i got to run. hope everyone is having a good day and I will blog some more later today.

twisted silver

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this gal is having a giveaway of some jewelry from twisted silver i love the tattoo ring in there. it looks like a butterfly. heres the link to her blog so you cab check out the contest and heres is the link to twisted silver i love there stuff

Kikkerland Windup Toy Giveaway

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this is an awesome toy giveaway. i love stuff like this. awesome

awesome toys clicky

had to share this

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i love stephen lynch he is so funny has a potty mouth sometimes but funny. heres some D&D for yeah and if you ever have played dungeons and dragons (i did) you ll get it.

the great car theft of 2009

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okay so my parents got their car stolen from right out in front of their house on monday of this week. my mom is so depressed because she thinks she will never see her car again. so they call the sheriffs department and all they got was an answering machine saying please leave a message we will call you back. they never did. my dad saw some sheriffs gassing up at the gas station and made a report with them okay so everyones bummed the car is going. so now i am going to go over to my moms house and take her to the movies to get her mind off things she is too depressed to even go. Im like ok that fine. so i am determined still to go over and visit her anyways. so im crusing down decatur. i had just got off the freeway. im about a block and a half past the seven eleven on decatur and I l0ok over into the allie for some reason and i just barely saw the tip of the rear end of a car that looked like it could be my dads. i was like theres no way man. so i go and drive down the alley and sure enough my dads car is sitting right there. so of course im in total freakout got to call the sheriff mode. i was shaking so bad i could barely call 411 to get the sheriffs number(its now programmed into my phone) so i finally get ahold of someone and the dispatcher is like we will have someone out their shortly. I was all like okay please hurry. so im waiting like 30 minutes i call my dad and say dad i found the car ive never seen him drive anywhere so fast. so I get a call from an undercover chp officer asking if i approached the car and i was like no i just drove past it to check to see if it was the car and parked further down the alley he asked me do you think your parents will let us use their car because we have surveillance on it and are waiting for the guys to come back and get it. I was like no way man my dad would want his car back. you are so crazy for asking me that. what a freak. so he finger printed the whole car on the trunk and other places. when my dad was talking to him he told my dad that they use peoples cars that they know are stolen and dont even call the people when their done they just send them to the impound yard and you are lucky if you get a phone call at all. so that was such a crazy day i can hardly believe it still that I found my parents car completely by accident. that stuff just doesnt happen. oh and a big thanks to chp for their wonderful attitude concering other peoples property :-)

great hat race

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i just finished my first hat for the great hat race group on ravelry. w00t!!

now i just know where I need to send it *puzzled look on face:;-~*

phat fiber having a cute contest

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phat fiber is giving away a bag of fuzzy pom poms to one lucky person this friday they are so pretty i hope i win here is the link so go enter after you enter my contest:

phat fiber

contest update

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update dont forget to leave me a form of contact because if you win i want to email you and let you know.
okay so for my contest sorry about the delay

I am going to be giving away four hand knit dishcloths which look like this:
the colors of the cloths will be red, pink, white , and purple. the pattern for this cloth comes from
smarieknits. she had wonderful patterns

two skeins of sugar and creme in purple and pink, one rose petal candle, a box of sweethearts

one handmade fob for your scissors so you can tell there yours. this is made out of real amethyst chips and has a heart charm at the bottom. I made this myself. As seen below one skein of malabrigo yarn 850 yards of lace weight yarn in the color cinnamon.
check out hand painted yarn for all your malabrigo. they are great! and good prices too

and this handmade card by me to give to your sweetheart :-)

ok to enter the contest leave a comment on this blog post with your name and contact information and anything else you would like to tell me. also you get extra entries for blogging about this contest, tweeting about it. just leave me a separate post with your tweet id and your blog so I can go check it out. I will be doing on random drawing on feb 9th for the winner.


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still need a couple days to sort out prizes and details life has been...weird dad got his car stole out of his yard in broad daylight at 11 am someone hacked there checking account and withdrew 200.00 through my moms pay pal from their checking account what a week and its only Monday sigh

upcoming contest

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01172009139one of the prizes for my contest this is a hand made card by me for valentines day. my contest is going to run from this coming Monday January 19, 2009 though Feb 9, 2009. I will post the particulars and most of the prizes tomorrow.

meeting people

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rbme with ray bradbury i met him at borders in the grove i had just had emergency surgery a week and a half prior to meeting him. so thats why im so pale

toriamoshere i am standing next to tori amos won tickets to the klly lounge in la less than 50 people in the audience and i always joke tori got to stand next to tori my nickname is tori im the one wearing the relapse trigger shirt. and we all got autographed posters sweetness. okay so on january 22 it will have been a year already since heath ledger has passed away. its still so sad. has a good article about him and his career online( some good pics as well) i hope he wins the grammy for the joker but according to what peeps said about him in the article he would be looking down from heaven saying f**k kind of interesting. i still have to watch brokeback mountain with him in it. oh here some cuteness little man sleeping
IMG_4130little man crashed out

ugh im so tired goingto beverlys tomorrow having four 50 dollar gift cards there giving away tomorrow maybe ill get lucky.late

Macungie, Pennsylvania

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that where the last person is from who visited my blog. it is not a town or a city but a borough in leigh county pa interesting how in california we have cities but on the east coast its towns and boroughs i think they have alot better history (older history) than california. i found this interesting also

Macungie is derived from "Maguntsche," a place name used as early as 1730 to describe the region that is now present-day Macungie and Emmaus. "Maguntsche" is a Lenape word, meaning either "bear swamp"[1] or "feeding place of the Bears."[2] The borough's current seal depicts a bear coming to drink at water near some cattails.[3] see thats kind of cool

so a big wave to my visitor from Macungie Pa I hope your not freezing your arse off this winter. :-)

awesome giveaways

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phat fiber (clicky) is having awesome giveaways from local gringos who have awesome knitting accessories such as the cute puppy tag for when you gift to someone so cute check them out. around xmas time going to be spending some duckets. you should alos check out enchanted yarns yummy yarn everywhere you look. and last but definately not least happy housewife soap i so want there day of the dead scent yummy. go check all these out awesome sights.

oh and i feel so bad tonight my littl one is learning to walk and he fell tonight and bit his tongue so bad blood everywhere. i know tongue cuts are always bad because the tongue is so vascular but i was just shaking so bad because he was hurting made me so sad for my little man. i wasnt this sensitive before i had a baby guess thats part of being a mom. *sigh*

kip baggiveaway

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go here and check out how you can win a kip bag. these are awesome.

cute frog towel giveaway

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cute frog towel giveaway check it out here and this is the link to the webpage so you can see it it seems the owner of the webpage is shutting it down but hey she said post the link so i shall do it.

awesome diaper bag giveaway

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thrifty and chic mom is giving away an awesome diaper bag from oyikes go here to enter you have till midnight tonight to enter.

its wednesday yeah!!!!!!

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middle of the week woohoo!!! its seems like it has been a really long week already. I got my tooth pulled on monday. The inside of my mouth and my jaw is still really sore. okay i am so mad. i got into the car tonight to go o the store. i got back and was looking around and i think someone broke into the car at the house. well the stole all my one year olds toys out of the back seat of the car. his curious george fireman which was on his diaper cake at the baby shower. his grover i got him and alot of other toys. most from his baby shower. I am so mad I want to cry. I hate people. If I see any neighborhood kids with any of those toys I am just going to take them from the kid and tell there parents to come talk to me.